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The Riverina Cancer Care Centre respects and upholds your rights to privacy protection under the Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) contained in the Privacy Amendment Act 2012. These APP’s apply to all Private Health Organisations from 12th March 2014. This policy describes how the Riverina Cancer Care Centre manages the information we have about you.

  • Information we may hold about you

    1. Name, address, phone number(s)
    2. Date of birth
    3. Occupation
    4. Health Information
    5. General Practitioner details
    6. Referring Doctor details
    7. Transaction Details associated with services we have provided to you
    8. Any additional information provided to us by you.

    The Riverina Cancer Care Centre will destroy or de-identify personal or sensitive information after legal obligations, to retain this information, have expired.

  • How we may utilise this information

    1. To provide medical treatment and care to you
    2. To provide information to Medical Practitioners, Registered nurses and other allied health professionals who provide necessary follow up treatment and ongoing care
    3. For our internal administrative requirements
    4. To assist with any calls you make to us
    5. For benchmarking and clinical indicatorreporting in a de-identified form
    6. To process private health fund claims
    7. To provide data in both an identified and de-identified form to State and Federal Government agencies in compliance with numerous legislative requirements
    8. For purposes of debt collection, your information may be disclosed to our collection agency
    9. From time to time the Riverina Cancer Care Centre may use an external overseas transcription service, all patient material is sent in a deidentified and secure form.
    10. And with your consent:

    11. Service Planning
    12. To assist in providing training and education to medical, nursing and other allied health students.

    The Riverina Cancer Care Centre will not disclose information about you to any person except on a confidential basis to agents that we use in the ordinary operation of our business, such as for data processing printing or mailing.

  • Security and Storage

    The Riverina Cancer Care Centre stores personal and sensitive information:

    1. Contained in paper and other hard copy documents in a dedicated storage facility located in the Practice or at a secure off-site storage place
    2. 2. Contained in electronic records in a secure environment
    3. These records are only accessible by those persons who require access to the personal and sensitive information for the purposes of carrying out their employment with the Riverina Cancer Care Centre
  • Requests to access the information we hold about you

    You may request access to personal information we hold about you by writing to the Privacy Officer at the address over the page. You do not have to provide a reason for requesting this access. Where we hold information that you are entitled to access, we will endeavour to provide you with a suitable range of choices as to how you may access it (e.g. by post or collect in person).

  • Requests for amendment

    If you believe that the information we hold about you is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, then you may request amendment of it. We will consider if the information in our opinion requires amendment. If we are unable to agree that there are in fact grounds for altering the information we hold about you, then we will add a note to the personal information stating that you disagree with it.

  • Questions you may have in relation to our Privacy Policy

    Although all our staff are aware of and work within the Privacy Guidelines, all enquiries relating to the personal and sensitive information held by us should be directed to the Privacy Officer in the first instance. Any questions about this policy or any complaint regarding the treatment of your privacy by the Riverina Cancer Care Centre should also be made in writing to:

    The Privacy Officer
    Riverina Cancer Care Centre
    31 Meurant Avenue
    Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

    Telephone: (02) 6932 1000
    Facsimile: (02) 6925 4848

    Please note that this document represents our policy as at 1st March 2014. Although we intend to observe this policy at all times, it is not legally binding on the Riverina Cancer Care Centre in any way. The Riverina Cancer Care may regard it as necessary to act outside this policy from time to time, subject to any statutory rights you have under the Privacy Act or other applicable legislation.

This page was last updated on: Monday, August 11, 2014.

2020 Quality Statement

“Excellence in Care”

The provision of excellent care to Riverina Cancer Care Centre (RCCC) patients is achieved by Centre staff and Volunteers’ participation in and observance of the Centre’s Quality system in the performance of their roles. Cooperation, collaboration, communication and mutual respect are critical to provision of excellent care.





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